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Name: Evolution Master

Status: Admin

Description: Evolution Master is one of the three admins of GamerzUniverse, and is the founder of the original forum website. While being seen as rather shy and quiet at first glance, Evolution Master is seen to be a friendly individual who is always willing to extend a helping hand to almost anybody. He always wishes for the best in what he can do and strives to reach perfection in almost anything he does in life. 

Interests: Reading, drawing, soccer, gaming, web designing, Toad. :D

Name: AnimeFreak 

Status: Technician

Description:  AnimeFreak (formerly known as Gangnam Style) is one of the three admins of GamerzUniverse, and is the current technician of the forum. As such, he is responsible for most of the forum's layout and looks. He is described to being very intelligent in the use of computer software and coding, and is capable of learning new things virtually very quickly. While enthusiastic in nature, AnimeFreak also tries his best to make others satisfied and does his best to help out whenever he can. If you are looking for a tech guy, AnimeFreak is your man.

 Interests: Computer/tech related subjects, web designing, gaming, anime and mangas, track and field.

Name: Ospreyeagle

Status: Admin

Description: Ospreyeagle is one of the three admins of GamerzUniverse. Seen as a kind and cheerful individualshe has a strong interest in birds and also possesses very creative ideas as seen through her writing and art. She's had a long experience with forums, so if you have any questions regarding forums - she's the one to ask!

 Interests: Birds/general animals, writing, reading, Looker

Name: MapleBerry<3

Status: Moderator

Description: MapleBerry<3 is currently the youngest member of the forum's staff; however, that doesn't make her less competant of assisting the forum's community as a moderator. She describes herself to being outgoing and is a generally cheerful moderator who is willing to help out new members and assist in various forum events.

Interests: Music (One Direction), reading, gaming, web browsing.

Name: Mr.Snap

Status: Moderator

Description: Mr.Snap is one of the moderators in GamerzUniverse, and a rather relaxed one at that too! While he is well aware of the rules that his fellow staff members have set up in the forum, he generally takes things his own ways. A hardcore lover of gaming (especially within the shooter category), Mr.Snap is likely the first staff member to join in on an online game server. He is also a lover of all hockey related media, so be sure to contact him if you need to gain some NHL knowledge!

Interests: Music, gaming, weapons, NHL, history, funny memes.

Name: RaikouFan

Status: Patroller (Past)

Description:  RaikouFan is one of the moderators of the original GamerzUniverse. RaikouFan is an enjoyable, funny guy and is a cool guy to get along with. He is usually seen playing pokemon whenever he wants or chatting with fellow members within the GamerzUniverse Chatbox.

Interests:  Hacking, competitive battles, humour, chatting, making funny fanfics.

Name: TheTrainerExpert

Status: Patroller (Past)

Description: TheTrainerExpert is one of the forum patrollers of the original GamerzUniverse. He is bad at starting conversations so it would be best if you would come up with stuff to say to him. He is extremely friendly and is usually cheerful. He is also obsessed with Chuck Norris so if you hear of Chuck Norris from him, it's not a surprise.

Interests:  Video games, NFL, MLB, music*Rock*, animes, Chuck Norris jokes, blue.

Name: PokeZone

Status: Patroller (Past)

Description: Originally a Moderator, PokeZone climbed the steps to becoming a Super Mod 3 weeks later, and finally as the third Admin  of GamerzUniverse as of October 31, 2012. He serves as doing the forum mainframe and various other activities within the Admin Panel. His experience as being a mod and admin in other forums has assisted him in his duties as the newest Admin.

Interests: Playing video games (mostly from Nintendo), sport addict, history, and funny memes.


Status: Patroller (Past)

Description: TheXWalkthrough1 is one of the patrollers of the original GamerzUniverse and is the only Korean staff member as well. Usually random, sarcastic, and sometimes, just plain insane. He loves to make videos and walkthroughs, so be sure to keep updated with his Youtube channel!

Interests:  Videos, walkthroughs